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Monday, 13 March 2017

TRENDING BSU student who is a proud Okpa seller

This Lady has broken the internet with her pictures, where she is seen carrying okpa in a tray on her head, the really amazing part is that she is an undergraduate at the famous Benue State university, Makurdi and ALOT of her Facebook friends from same school saw her posts and actually were marvelled that a girl can be as bold as this in 2017.
 This is what she wrote on her Facebook page as she posted the pictures "Am so proud of what i do, i cant fake it. the fact that am a student of Benue state university doesn't change me, if i don't help mummy who will, Annoited okpa"
Her name is faith Oyita and by the grace of God her parents would live to see her become a wonder woman who will make them proud

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